martes, 15 de enero de 2013

Conferencia de Vicente Miró: The State and the New Western Man



17:30 to 19:00
Haldane Room, Wolfson College (Oxford)
Vincent Miró, A partner of Hispacomm (Commerce to and from Hispanic countries), Madrid and Lecturer at the Dalmacio Negro Political Science Seminar, Universidad San Pablo CEU, Madrid, will deliver this lecture on the State and the New Western Man.

In the wake of Professor Dalmacio Negro's continued magisterial inspiration, the Madrid permanent seminar that bears his name has been a beacon of political science awareness well deserving a wider and more international audience. This talk is an attempt to do just that, by providing a personal view of some of the ideas that have been the focus of analysis and debate since the group started meeting well over a decade ago.

In particular, the talk will be centered around the following five topics:
  • What is radically new in the idea of the State that we have today in the West?
  • What is radically new about the idea of Man according to this new concept of the State?
  • How did all this come about?
  • Where is this leading us to?
  • What is there to account for the difference in the idea of the State between Anglo-Saxon countries and Continental Europe?

Note: Dalmacio Negro is Professor of History of Ideas at CEU San Pablo University in Madrid. The Dalmacio Negro Political Science Permanent Seminar is an independent research and debate forum established in 2000 which is actively patronized by scholars, politicians, entrepreneurs and media specialists, some of whom hold or have held high institutional and governmental positions in Spain.

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