lunes, 23 de abril de 2012

Finding your Don Quixote or Dulcinea

Wall Street banker looks to Don Quixote for life lessons

ORONO, Minn. – David P. Grzan made a living on Wall Street as a banker and consultant. In his free time, he always had a fascination with the story of Don Quixote. He eventually realized he could learn more life lessons from that story than from his years in finance.

In his new book, Don Quixote's Impossible Dream, Grzan, explores the notion of chivalric love, which Don Quixote advanced to the honor of Dulcinea, his true love and the quest of his impossible dream. Love has been the primary inspiration that has propelled all of the Don Quixote’s that have ever lived, in their attempt to accomplish great deeds in the name of their particular Dulcinea.

Played through the immortal characters of Miguel de Cervantes, it is a story of a man’s love for his soul mate. No matter what life throws in your way, nothing should come between the two people who love each other.

“I offer extraordinary insights to life’s questions,” Grzan says. “I paint composites that demonstrate universal themes of compassion, fear, hope, mortality, love, children, family and friends.”

Grzan’s book immortalizes the triumphs, tragedies, obstacles, struggles and courage, which are sublimely represented and exemplified by the relationship between Don Quixote and Dulcinea.

“Some of what you go through as a couple is very intense and spans the full range of emotions, sensations and experiences,” says Grzan.

Grzan says, fighting to overcome life’s enormous challenges is the most important thing a human being can do in their life. To overcome oneself is life’s greatest challenge.

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